Turkey and refried bean Enchiladas


5 kinds of Rice

they are delicious, even cold, straight from the tin.

I’ve never had an enchilada before, unlike in the U.S, Mexican food hasn’t gained the same popularity over here  as say, Chinese or Indian, so there are very few Mexican take aways, and apart from chilli con carne and chicken fajitas you won’t generally find it on many food establishment menus, certainly not outside of big cities anyway.

So unless one mooches about in the very tiny old el paso section of the supermarket, it’s not really the sort of thing you’d think to make and as I was mooching, I thought it high time I made some, I had to read the back of an enchilada kit to find out what they were, the difference between them and burritos and how to go about making them.

I certainly wasn’t going to buy a kit, so I bought corn tortillas and…

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